8 Random Facts About My Mum

A big thanks to lovely mummy to pass me this tag....I love it.

Here we go for the 8 random facts about my mommy.....

1. She will be 56 years old this 15/9....let me wish her "happy birthday" in advance

2. She never work after her secondary (SPM) until now....... meaning to say she got no working experience at all.....hehehe

3. She is very good in cooking. She always make sure that we have our favourite dish every meal and end up she can cook for 8 or 9 dishes for a meal.

4. My mum got her driving license before I got mine. She can only drive forward but cannot reverse......that's why you will only she her driving in the highway.

5. My mum sacrifice a lots because of us. She don't have much friends because she is a full time mum and need to take care 4 of us. So, we become her best friends.......

6. The only hobby for my mum is "4 ekor". She is so hardworking to collect all the result in the newspaper and paste it in a diary to keep track on it....funny, rite!

7. She is such a oriental women. When we travel to Australia and Japan, she insisted to have her Chinese cuisine which is difficult to found there.

8. She very rely on my dad. Although she study until SPM, she don't know how to turn on the DVD player by her own. For her mobile, she only know how to answer and make a call...other than that, sorry la.......

Let's tell me more abt your mum:

chooi peng
vicky low


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