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I've been travel to a few countries with my family for the past few years and all of our trips are not organized by the travel agency but my brother. He like to bring our whole family to travel if he got the budget. We are more prefer to travel by our own instead of the tours by the agency. We have more control of our schedule and more flexible if we travel by our own. Others may not agree with me because they will think that booking a hotel or rental a car when abroad is very troublesome for them. What I can say is if you properly plan your trip, you will have a lots of great time then.

Supposingly we have our family trip every year but due to giving birth to Kendra and Terry (my sis) was went to UK, so we don't have the chance to travel last year. Until this April, we need to attend the wedding dinner of Felix (my brother) and Yasuyo (my SIL) which was held in Osaka. The whole family flew there for the dinner.

Before the trip, Felix was so busy to book the air ticket and the hotel for our stay. It's not easy to plan a trip with the infant (Kendra just turn 1 year old by the time we travel). How I wish I discovered this Hotel Reservations website earlier so it will ease our problems and can save a lots of money for him.

Hotel Reservation is a one stop travel website that you cannot miss out to plan for your trip. From booking an air ticket to rental a car for your trip, all you can get it from this website. Other than that, if you book a room marked as a Special Internet Rate will save you money. This is because of the large numbers of lodging reservations they process and able to negotiate special rates with the properties. Their Special Internet Rate are guarantee the lowest you can find. If you found any rate that lower than their Special Internet Rate for the same date and the same hotel, you may call them up within 24 hours of booking your "Special Internet Rate" reservation. They will either refund you the difference or cancel the reservations without any penalty. This will make us more confident to book our room with them.

Since Felix is planning his honeymoon to London or Paris this coming October, sure I'll recommend this useful website to him.

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Sue Sue said...

I am going to Germany this coming Oct'07 for work and planning to extend another 2 days there. Hence, this link would be useful to me.

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