The 4th Day: Kendra and Me

Today is the fourth day I'm full time babysit Kendra. The previous 3 days were still ok to me because most of the time I won't let her stay at home with me. I just brought her out to meet my ex-colleagues.

As for yesterday, I'm down with migraine. So, I cannot bring Kendra out today and just stay at home. After bathe her and let her have her milk, I try to play with her for a while and hope that she will fall asleep after that. Thank GOD she is sleep after that but not long......ngam ngam I finished clean all her stuffs she awake already. Then I have to entertain her again and I really feel discomfort at that time. Then, I force myself to play with her again.

Around 4pm, she is still so energetic and crawl here and there but myself is so exhausted. I told Kendra "mommy need to nap for a while, can you please "kuai kuai" and play with yourself?" She seems to know that I'm not feeling well, after she listen to what I told her just now....she give me a kiss. By watching her playing around, I falls asleep.............

When I awake after 5 minutes of my nap, I was so surprise to see my spec that I place it on the coffee table before that.'s being spoil by my girl. I just get this new spec somewhere on March and now it's spoil. Gosh, what's wrong with my girl? 1st day she rosak my camera and now my spec........don't know what is next.

Luckily I got a spare spec to use for the time being, I really don't wish to spend money on a new spec as this one already cost me about RM400 and I did told myself to wear it at least for a year......


cairo's mommy said...

yah i got no stamina to be SAHM la... i think cairo can kill me in 3 days hahaha

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