I'm employed

After about 5 months of resting at home, I got an offer finally. It's a sales job which I don't have any experience before. I would like to give myself a chance to take up this challenge and I think I can do it better.

I was so surprise when they called me up for an interview this morning because the application was submitted a month ago and I already don't have any hope on it. The package that they offer is not bad. Due to they don't have any branch in Ipoh, I will be base at my home for the moment. (sound great, right)...it's one of the reason I cannot resist to take this offer too....I really like this offer because it need to deal with the baby boutiques.

My official working day will be 1st of June and I still have plenty of time to get myself prepared.


Anggie's journel said...

hi peimum,anggie here.. thot to pay u a visit at ur blog, we been at the forum at MJ talkin about this 'enfapro, enfalac and HA '.. remember ? :)

btw, congratulation on ur new job !! Give urself a try and best of luck . Don't worry, there's always a door open for us. :)

cairo's mommy said...


wah, what i wouldn't give (except a reduced paycheck hehehe) for a stay at home job!!!

good luck and welcome back to the work force :D

cairo's mommy said...


congrats on the new job. what i wouldn't give for a stay at home post like that (except a reduced paycheck, obviously hehehe)

good luck and welcome back to the workforce :D

peimun & princess kendra said...

anggie & cairo's mommy

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Take care!

karenyiau said...

Congratulations on your new job peimun. And welcom to the working mum's world :) cheers.

chinneeq said...

Hey, after almost 1 yr since i stop my job to stay at home, i got an offer also, in sales too...starting in 1st June. But might reject it. Very unsure now :(

chinneeq said...

Pei mun, wat a coincidence. I am also supposed to start a new job (sales line) in 1st june.

peimun & kendra said...

Chinnee, so surprise to know that you are start work in 1st of June too. Why you wanna reject the offer? Stay at home so long already and no mood go to work, izzit? hehehe

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