Snoopy's Cutting Masher

If you ask me what is the most satisfy stuff I bought during my Japan trip, sure I will tell you this is the one.......... "Cutting Masher with Case"

I bought it in the Snoopy Town in Harajuku at 787 yen. It's really convenient to use especially for us that always dine outside. I use it to cut the noodles into small pieces for Kendra so that she can have what I ate. Other than use it as a noodles cutter, it can be use as a masher too. I used it to mash everything before feed it to Kendra. It comes with a clear case which I found it's hygiene enough for you to carry it anywhere you like.

Remember to check this out if you happen to go to Japan.......


cairo's mommy said...

wah, anotgher mommy crazy on baby gadgets kekeke. me too!

i bought something like dis in singapore but didnt work too well, so i am once again bringing my gigantic scissors out every trip :s

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