Pocket Diaper

As this topic was bring out by some of the MJ members, I'm keen to let Kendra try on it to save some money on the disposable diapers. Still in the searching stage to find out more about this diapers as too many brand were in the market. Here are some brand that I'm looking into:

1. Mommy's Touch
2. Bumwear
3. Drybees
4. Bum Genius

Mommies out there, what brand will you choose?


cairo's mommy said...

we got bumwear from my SIL but decided not to use it cos Cairo has sensitive skin and i didnt wanna do too much washing :p water darn expensive in spore kekeke

peimun & kendra said...

hey cairo can I have your email? mine is peimun78@yahoo.com

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