Potty Train

I think now is the best time for me to potty train Kendra (she will be 14 months on this coming 2nd of June). Like just now, when I ask her whether she want to "ng ng"(poo poo) or not, her reaction is touching her buttock and keep on babble "nngg......nngggg......." until her face turn red.

I think she knew when is the time and I just need to educate her more..like when she want to poo, she need to let mommy know about it by giving some signal.....at least mommy can bring her potty to her.

Ok, will start this potty training now................and hope that Kendra will get use to it.


chinnee said...

have fun with yur potty training :)

cairo's mommy said...

actually according to a friend who's a preschool teacher, we need not worry about potty training... the best time is when they talk and can control a little...

i don have the patience for it la... if grandma wants to do it, fine by me :p

i have started my brain washing on cairo though... darn cute potty training book hahaha!

good luck anyway, oh hardworking mommy :p

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