10 Things I Hate About My Hubby

I was tagged by cairo's mommy

It's not an easy tag for me compare to others tag. Not because my hubby was too perfect but I really can't think of what I hate about him. Anyhow, still have to complete it.

Here we go:

1. He like to keep his mouth shut all the time when attend to our family/friends gathering until others will thought that he was mad at that time

2. He don't have the sense of urgency. Sometimes we are run out of time but he still can drive very steady.

3. He got more than 10 pairs of shoes but still plan to buy more!

4. He will go out when his friend call him even at 1.00am

5. He is so good in $$ management until I can't have a chance to dig his money..hahaha

6. Always left the paper/magazine in the toilet

7. No sense of romance AFTER I married him

8. Always force me to talk to him when I'm angry with him

hehehe....so fast come to no.9 liao

9. I hate about his eyes when taking picture. He like to blink his eyes whenever we are taking picture and end up he is the one who spoil the picture.

10. ....it take me abt 10 min to think of this last point ler....... yeah, he don't like to turn on the signal whenever he is driving, feel so unsecure sitting beside him.

Finally I have completed this tag and sure I'll forward it to hubby to read it.

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chinneeq said...

Pei mun, me too, cant think of much of things i hate bout hubby. maybe can start one with the title (10things i love bout hubby):p

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