Mother's Day

This coming Sunaday will be Mother's Day and this year is the 2nd year I celebrate Mother's Day with Kendra. I couldn't recall how I celebrated my Mother's Day last year as Kendra was only about 1.5 month at that time. We were so busy to take care of her as a new parent and didn't really celebrate it.

For this year, I still haven't heard any celebration plan from hubby. Hope that he will give me a surprise then..........For my mom side, I think we will have dinner with her on Saturday because my brother is back on today. I'm so eager to see him now because he told me that he has bought Kendra some Japanese Baby Snack.


estkirby said...

Have a blessed Mother's Day celebration tomorrow! :)

peimun & kendra said...

Thnaks Esther for dropping by my blog. Happy Mother Day to you too.

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