My Little Swimmer

Yes, this is the first time Kendra going to pool. We cannot make it on the morning session because hubby got an appointment with the guy to fix our auto gate. So, we have to change our plan to go in the afternoon.

After breakfast at Mcdonald, we have a walk at Jusco to buy a sunblock for Kendra to be use later. Daddy and mommy did meet us up there. They were so impress when they saw Kendra can walk around by her own. Daddy had buy a pair of nice pant + shirt for Kendra. After the walk, we went home and have a rest before we head to the pool.

Around 1.30pm, Kendra had her lunch and we are ready to go to the pool. When we reached there, it's around 2.00pm. It was a sunny day and I think we have choose the right day.

Kendra was a little bit nervous when hubby first putting her into the water. She hold her daddy hand so tight and didn't let him go. After the warming up, she was soooo into it. When hubby and I try to tease her by telling her that we are going home now, she start to cry and pointed to the pool meaning that she want to go back to the pool.

I think my girl is the "kepochi" type, she was so friendly to the kids that around her. Trying to friend with them. She was so happy and won't feel strange when a little Jie Jie (sister) holding her hand and swim around the pool.

Kendra really enjoy her swim today and hubby had promise to bring her to swim again next week. I'm look forward for our next swimming session........


chinneeq said...

kendra looks cute in the water ya....u all must be having lots of fun

vickylow said...

kendra weared bikini, so cute. Where you bought it?

peimun said...

Yes, we are having lots of fun that day....

her bikini was bought by her "yi yi" in KL.

cairo's mommy said...

wah, can use the arm floats ah? i bought but didnt use them in the end cos too big... stuck to baby double tube rings instead

she looks very happy in d pool, must bring her back more often :D

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