Personalized Birth Annoucements

Just finished housekeeping the store room down stairs and managed to found the "full moon" pack of Kendra that we still left from last year.

As what you see from the picture, it's a cute box containing some cookies, chocolate, lollipop , toffees and a personalized card. It's a very creative idea of birth annoucements from One-Joy. Like it from the first time I saw their advertisement at the parenting magazine and insisted hubby to order it for Kendra. It worth the money to get it because most of our friends who received it like it a lot. For my second child, I think I'll order it again since I wish to give a fair treatment to both of my them.


cairo's mommy said...

ooo, i love One-Joy's stuff, so sweet n cute. we have it at singapore too and when i received the catalogue at hospital welcome pack, i was practically drooling! too bad, went for the traditional thingies instead, to please MIL :p

peimun & kendra said...

yeah, I also like it very much when I saw their ad on the local parenting magazine and start from that day, I told hubby I wanna order it on BB full moon.....

Pity my hubby, coz he need to go down to KL to collect it as they don't have any service to courrier it to Ipoh.

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