Japanese Snack/Biscuit

Felix bought a lots of Japanese Baby Biscuit for Kendra on his trip back. All are in very nice packing and Kendra like it so much. She keep on passing the box to me and hope that I'll open it for her.

I noticed that most of the Japanese food is less/without preservative. Like some snacks we bought in Japan during our trip, was expired 3-4 days after we were back to Malaysia. Like this biscuit and snacks was only can be keep about 2 to 3 months from the manufacturing date. I feel more comfortable to let Kendra have this kind of snacks.


chinneeq said...

Things from Japan normally has very near expiry date. This give very good assurance to their customers about their quality, hehe

cairo's mommy said...

You're tagged :p

(10 things I hate about my hubby) hehehe.

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