Kendra's first step

I noticed that Kendra will like to learn to walk this few days. When I try to hold her while she is standing, she will step out and walk for 1 or 2 steps. I'm so impressed about it when she first walk in front of me.

I did try to let her walk this few days and sometimes she is too "manja"....... purposely tease me. When I let her stand still and with hope that she will walk by herself, she will just sit down and smile at me. When I ignore her and pretend watching TV, she will stand by her own and step out to the coffee table and call me (just to show me she can walk)......what a naughty girl she is.

Beside walking, she learnt some funny expression this week. When I show her a very cute bedsheet this morning, she was so surprise and open her mouth big big with the word "WAH......" my heart was melt by looking at her expression...seems she is really big girl and knew lots of things already!


chinneeq said...

Congrates Kendra :)

cairo's mommy said...

Oh wow! walking is major milestone!!! Congrats :D

next they'll be walking down the aisle and away from us lor, sob sob :p

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