Yesterday hubby and I went to visit our neighbour's newborn baby. He just arrived on the 28th April 2007. I still can remember that last year this time was the most happy time for me as my confinement month was finished and I can go everywhere I like.

There is a lot of things we cannot do during the confinement month but I didn't bother all the "pantang larang", I just did what I think it's right to me. Here are some DON'T during my confinement:

1. Cannot shower/bath (I bath everyday on the 3rd day onwards)
2. Cannot wash hair for the whole month (I washed my hair on the 10th day onward)
3. While drinking water, MUST be sit down and cannot be stand up (try my best to follow it)
4. Cannot turn on the fan as the wind will easily go into our body (I did turn on both fan and air-cond)
5. No to TV and magazines, must keep your eyes to rest more (hehe, if without TV and magazine, I don't know how I can pass my time just by looking at the baby)

When think of confinement, I scare to think of my second baby as it's more suffer than the labour pain for me.....what say u?


karenyiau said...

To me not really loh, I quite enjoyed my 1st confinement. But this time might be different coz I'll DIY & don't have a confinement lady, hopefully it still turns out well. :)

karenyiau said...

And thanks for dropping by my blog, I also have another blog talking about other topics, feel free to browse.

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